Photographic Goals for 2009

Well during the month of January I jotted down my photographic goals of 2009. I’m not a big believer in New Years Resolutions so I guess this is my thing.

Goal setting is something many athletes incorporate into their training and its a great way to guage your progress or Journey as the case may be. So here are my goals in no particular order.

Take more Photos
This past year has been hectic to say the least. We moved to Brisbane and still have alot to learn about the place and there never seams to be enough time in a weekend. This year I want to get out and shoot more. Well not necessarily go out side and shoot byt shoot in general. I’ll try still life, landscapes, action, and everything i can expose myself too.

Blog at least twice a week
This blog was designed to keep me honest to my goals. I have learnt so much from other peoples blogs all over the world. They are a way of learning more and pushing the boundaries. So the plan is to blog at least twice a week. I’ll outline in my next blog what i plan to blog about, so stay tuned.

Flickr Explore top 100
I have had one photo make it to Explore and it was positioned 400+. I didn’t actually think much of the photo. It was taken with a very basic point and shoot in fairly bad lighting conditions. I think the fact that its well composed and funny is why 3700+ people have viewed it.

This year however I want at least one of my images to make the Flickr Explore Top 100. I know Flickr’s Explore Algorithm is dodgy as hell but we will see how we go.

Write Tutorials for other users
I have learnt so much from other peoples blogs and tutorials that I want to contribute back to the photographic world. Like Chase Jarvis says we should all share our experiences and the we should no longer hold the old attitude of not giving away trade secrets. If anyone has a question please do ask it.

Get Photographic Accreditation for W-League 2009-10
I have a keen interest in sports and Football is my game of choice. So after a very successful year for the Australia W-League I would next season like to shoot the Journey of the Qld Roar women or Gold Coast United women. I want to use this experience to spring board my Youth League and A-League accreditation prospects.

Develop my Photoshop Skills
Photoshop is one of those software packeages that you can’t learn enough about.I have been teaching myself for a good 10+ years. I have allot of work to do but hey that’s what goals are for. Masking is a technique I want to master by years end.

Have Fun!
This is probably the most important of all the goals. Photography shouldn’t be a chore or a inconveniance it should be a joy and passion. Anyone can take a photo but only someone that lives and loves a photo opertunity can correctly capture the moment.

Happy New Year - 2009

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