So who em I?

Ever opened a book (You know those things before the internet) and on the dust cover was a photo of the Aurthur and a run down on them. Well this is my electronic version.

I’m an Australian currently living in Brisbane. I actually grew up in a place called Woolgoolga on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

To pay the bills and expand my photo kit I work as in IT Officer for a University here in Qld.

I have been a very active person my whole life and in most cases I’ll try or watch any sport. I’m particularly mad keen on football or as others call it soccer. I actually went to the World Cup in Germany in 2006 with my Wife Anna.

I have been married to Anna since late 2007. She is a very supportive wife and keeps me getting the camera out at every opportunity.

So photography…hmmm I was actually a very late bloomer to photography. As i child i never really used a camera and hardly touched my mothers film SLR. It wasn’t until my first year of work after University that I decided to spend my overtime money on a camera. Hours of research latter I made the decision to buy a FujiFilm S5000. A 10x Optical lens with a useless 2.2x Digital with  6 megapixels.  It still to this day has rave reviews and I for one can say its an amazing camera. It taught me the basics of ISO, Aperture Priority,  Shutter Priority, Composition and heaps more.

It was however superseded by my current camera the Canon 40D. I actually bought my Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS lens before I bought the camera body. It was such a good deal and to tell the truth it was the swinging factor on whether I bought Canon or Nikon gear. I also have the kit lens of 17-85mm F4-5.6 which I would love to replace but the current budget just doesn’t allow for that just yet. But as they say its the photographer that makes the shots not the camera so for now i will just work hard. My next blog post will be a further analysis of my gear, so stay tuned.

Sport being a major interest of mine is also a passion of mine to shoot. Action photography has always captivated me. I love looking at the sports section of newspapers and magazines to see the action captured forever. I’m also touched by amazing landscapes and to capture this is an addiction.

As you can see from my blog 2 days ago I want to expand my knowledge further and give back to the photo community. So come along for the ride

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