More from Qld Track & Field State Championships.

Here are another bunch of images from my weekend at the Queensland Open & Under 18 Track & Field State Championships held at QSAC.

Queensland AthleticsMy laptop is still down and out so these edits have been made on the wife’s machine only using Photoshop. I prefer to use Adobe Lightroom2.0 for my edits as it allow for a better work flow and is much easier to do a bulk bunch of similar images.

Once again any athletes wishing to get digital copies of the images please contact me via the contacts page and supply me with your race number. I have uploaded more to my Flickr Page and will keep on uploading of the next 2 weeks.

This was my first ever attempt at a panning shot. Running athletes are not the easiest  to track while panning as their running action is rather accross yet they move up and down. Something you wouldn’t get with cars and bikes. I hope to have a tutorial on panning up over the next few weeks.

Panning 800m Runner

With this shot I was trying for a technique called balance. There are 2 main concept for a balanced photography. The balance in this shot is that the foreground runner is in his set position and the background athletes are also in a similar position. This photo is actually my weekly entry in a favorite site of mines competition. has a weekly competition and this weeks theme was balance. Check the other entries here.

I would have preferred that i got the athlete looking up but mst of these guys keep their heads down till well out of the blocks. I also would have prefered to have his back foot in the image.

On your marks...Set....

Australian Olympic Silver medilist Sally McLellan who actually won the women’s 100, 200 and 100 hurdles. I have quite a nice set of her start in the 200m sprint and will upload a time lapse soon. Some people have remarked that a crop on this shot would be nice so once my laptop is back in order I’ll give it a go.

200m Sprint - Sally McLellan

Matt Davies the  100 and 200 Qld State Champion. The backgroup is rather annoying but I quite like the body shape and determination on his face.

Matt Davies - 200m

This was the event I was hanging for. Its one of my track favorites, the steeplechase. I swapped my 70-200m lens for my kit lens the 17-85mm f4-5.6 IS. I got some interesting shots but due to the lack of a larger aperture my backgrounds are a little sharp. I’ll upload a series of steeple hots soon.

2km Steeplechase - Tia Nation

Both these girls meant business in the 200m final.

Sprint - Tessa Michniewski & Cassie Maddocks

More uploads and some time lapse photo’s latter this weekend.

Have a good one and keep shooting.