Photo Project – What will the season hold?

I’m a big fan of Chase Jarvis and he is a massive advocate of photographers doing their own self funded projects.  Projects like these are great for learning new techniques and pushing our boundaries. They also will look great in a portfolio. Who knows these projects may get you a gig some day. I for one won’t be saying no to Football Australia if they asked me to do a similar shoot for the A-League or W-League.

I’m also a massive fan of Zack Arias. Zack is very much all about pushing yourself and making sure you enjoy doing what we do. What better may to make homage to his ideals then to make the photo project a white background shoot. Zack has some amazing seamless white shots on his site and has even got a tutorial on how to setup yourself with one. Something I will do one day.

So I had the inspiration and hell I love football or soccer as some people call it and the European season kicked off this weekend and the Australian league kicked off last week. I asked myself what will this season hold? There it was, my project theme.

I own a fair collection of football jerseys so it was time to play football superstar dress ups. The above shot was my way of pondering what this season will hold? As you can see in the setup image I shot everything with just 1 Canon 430ex flash at full power positioned behind me aimed at my white wall in the garage. As I have a white roof and opposite wall the light bounces all around the garage like a massive light tent. There is my fill light and everything.

Its a similar setup in my garage like the Mountain Bike shoot last month that actually won me an international photo comp over at

So I wanted to capture the types of emotions and moments the season will hold. I needed to show winners, losers, and flair or style. I may do another shoot capturing things like religation/promotion battles at the end of the season.

Many of you may disagree with my teams but hey that’s why its a question, What will the season hold?