Goals for 2010

It’s that time of the year again to revise my 2009 goals and come up with some for 2010.

In 2009 I completed 4.5 of my 7 goals. This year I have 8 goals to complete.

Complete 365 Photo Project
I have put off starting a 365 photo project for some time now. I don’t know what came over me in early December but I decided come January 1st 2010 I would begin on a journey that should teach me plenty and drive me crazy all year long. Its not going to be a shot of some random thing , happy snap style. I want it to be creative or clever image that I would be proud to display. Some days that wont be so easy. Check back here on the blog for my weekly 365 updates.

Blog More
Last year I set a target of blogging twice a week and I failed in that. So this year I will set it at once a week and see how we go. I heave learnt a lot in the last year of blogging and have worked a few things out as far as the style of my blogs post.

Start Foto Fundamentals
I have so many friends that want to know how to take better photos and make the most of their cameras. Some think you need a great camera to take the shots I do. All it takes is knowing a little about the fundamentals of photography like the Rule of Thirds, what AV and TV mode should be used for and what the hell ISO is all about. So once every 2 week or so there will be a post dealing with one of these fundamentals. I hope it helps the average person take better looking photos and help them understand how to use thier camera to its full extent.

Take More Landscapes
For Christmas I got a Canon 10-20mm f3.5 wide angle lens. I have already begun to take some landscapes and HDR’s with it and its such a great lens. This year Anna and I plan to do more general bush walks and coastal weekends away. We are also heading to Europe latter this year so I really want to hone my landscape skills.

Learn Adobe Lightroom
I have learnt so much about Photoshop over the past year and this year whilst still learning photoshop I also want to see how good I can get at Adobe Lightroom. It could improve my work-flow hugely.

Understand Gelling Strobes

I currently have zero knowledge about gelling a strobe. I soon will have in my hot little hand the book Light: Science and Magic by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver & Paul Fuqua. Its a lighting bible from what I hear.

Explore Top 20
I got to #27 on explore last year with my Water bomb explosion shot. This year I want to crack the top 20. Yes explore is still a dodgy system but lets see what happens.

Have Fun!
This is probably the most important of all the goals. Photography shouldn’t be a chore or a inconvenient, it should be a joy and passion. Anyone can take a photo but only someone that lives and loves a photo opportunity can correctly capture the moment.

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