Donnie Bishop Shoot

Back at the start of the year I did a photo-shoot for an Australia Clothing label called Donnie Bishop. Starting with the simple concept of wanting to bring an edgier style to the standard menswear market in Australia, owners Jason Sandhar and Viggaenesh Kanniah have spearheaded this lifestyle brand to encompass a hip hop style while working with underground and up-and-coming artists, models, musicians and sports persons like Brisbane Roar’s striker Reinaldo. The A-league¬† Brisbane based star is the new ambassador for Donnie Bishop’s Clothing.

Reinaldo - Donnie Bishop Shoot

I was approached by Donnie Bishop’s Co-Owner Jason Sandhar to come up with a theme for a shoot with Reinaldo. With Donnie Bishop Clothing being such a casual/dressy urban style, and Reinaldo being such a skillful professional footballer, I wanted to bring the two elements together with a Street Football feel. Brisbane has some great alleyways in the city, and these provided us a great environment for the theme. Anna and I inspected the alleyways the week before the shoot to formulate some ideas. Its amazing what you can learn about your city if you just go for a walk with your camera and get lost in the back streets.

We decided to do the shoot on a Sunday afternoon as A) Reinaldo had time to recover from him Friday night match and B) the streets would be a little quieter. The majority of the shoot was done with 1 Cactus KF36 strobe on a shoot through umbrella mixed with available light. Oh and here is a tip for if your planning on doing a shoot in alleyways anytime soon. Take a towel to lay or sit down on as there can be a fair bit of broken glass and generally yucky stuff in the alleys.

Reinaldo was a champion subject for the whole shoot. He had a very relaxed attitude to the shoot and it is apparent in the photos. His football skills are amazing, the ability to juggle a football with those square toed dress shows was awesome to watch. I was somewhat star struck to be shooting such a great athlete.

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