Effects of a Circular Polarizer – Video

A Circular Polarizer is a great tool in landscape photography.  Not only are they great at adding contrast and deepening the blue sky when you are shooting at right angles to the sun, but they are also perfect for reducing glare like in this weeks shot.

8/52 - Bellbird Grove

Canon 40D @14mm, f9.5, ISO200, 6 sec with Tiffen 0.9 ND Filter & Tiffen HT Circular Polarizer

This week Anna and I headed off to Bellbird Grove at the Brisbane Forest Park. We had not explored the area before so I was unsure of what I would be leaving with however I knew I wanted some running water. The rocks in the area are very interesting with some amazing patterns and grooves in them.


I have done a short BTS (Behind the scenes) Video on how to use a Circular Polarizer to cut out the glare on the water. I’d love to hear your comments and hope that you are finding these videos helpful. I plan to bring you more as the year goes on.

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