Arrive Early & Leave Late.

So for a sunrise or sunset what time do you plan on arriving at your location? Do you get there right on sun up or sun down? This week I share my reasons to arrive early and leave late.

Arrawarra @ Sunrise

Canon 40D @10mm, f11, ISO200, 30 sec with Tiffen HT Circular Polarizer

This weeks shot was actually taken 30 minutes before sunrise and 6 minutes before so called first light. I arrived at Mullawarra Beach with plenty of time to spare. It was an amazingly clear morning with the sky littered with stars.

When arriving at a location in near complete darkness it is important that the night before you have setup your camera with the lens you will probably be using and easy access to your accessories like a cable release. Also make sure you have packed a nice large torch so you can see your way down to your location and to help get your gear out.

I really like that this weeks image has such thick sun rays shooting upwards. I was setting myself up for a great sunset when BANG! 2 minutes latter the sun rays disappeared and the sunrise was a fizz-er. Most people by now would be packing up and heading home to jump back in bed, however 20 minutes after the sunrise an amazing golden light was falling on the rock-pools. This light gave the pools more life and character then most people see them during the day. So I stuck around and experimented with some slow shutter speed effects.

So the real lesson is to be organised and make time as there is always a great shot waiting to be taken at any location you just have to go out and find it.