Week 17 & 18 Catchup

Firstly guys sorry for the delay in uploading the recent blog posts. There have been a few things on the go of late, but all will be revealed on the blog in the next few weeks. So onto week 17 & 18′s images.


For week 17 I decided to rise early to try and capture the HMS Endeavour replica vessel against Brisbane’s skyscrapers. Unfortunately whilst I did manage to get a few shots there wasn’t anything I was happy with because of the lack of a foreground object. It just looked flat.

So when I noticed an old Brisbane Ferry docked on my walk back to the car, I knew I had to grab a few frames before it began its day of ferrying tourists. The distance from the opposite bank and the angle were perfect. If only the Endeavour had been in its place.


HDR of +2, +1, 0, -1, -2 @ f16, ISO 200

For week 18 we headed back to our home away from home, Woolgoolga. Some friends of ours were getting married on the Saturday afternoon so I knew I’d miss sunset. Unfortunately I also slept through my alarm and missed first light. I rushed down to the beach and managed to capture it just peaking over the horizon.


I knew to illuminate the tree and to try and managed the hotspot the sun would make, I would need at least a 2 stop HDR. If I was to take a single image metered for the sky the tree would be black, and if I metering to expose the tree correctly the sky would end up being blown-out. I decided to go with a bracket of 5 images of +2, +1, 0, -1, -2 @ f16, ISO 200. This gave me the largest dynamic range of light to bring into Photomatix.

Whilst the flare from the sun at first really annoyed me I actually don’t mind it now. The rays of light complement it and it gives the image a warmer feel. I possible could have avoided this by moving around a little further to the left and blocking more of the sun with the Pandanus Palm.

In the next blog post for week 19 I introduce a great software package to help you plan your next landscape adventure.