Boost Colours with a Polarizer

I know I have blogged already about how great a circular polarizer is but this week I’m not talking about how it can cut reflections or let you look into water. This week I want to show you how you can boost your colours with a circular polarizer particularly greens.

To demonstrate the effects on colour saturation by using a circular polarizer this week I took 2 photos from exactly the same position with 1 stop of compensation for the circular polarizer. Each image has had exactly the same post processing applied. You will notice firstly the lily pads being a much deeper green and no glare. The glare has also been cut out of the palm trees. You will also notice the extra saturation in the reds and yellows.

The best way to see the effects of the circular polarizer whilst out on location is to turn on live view and watch the dramatic changes as you turn the filter on the back of your camera before you even push the shutter.

Earlier this week I came across the following great video that sums this up very well. It is made by Olivia Speranza from She has some great tips and tricks on here site. I recommend you have a look at it.