Meet-up @ Currumbin

For Week 22 I headed out to Currumbin @ 5am to meet-up with a bunch of flickr photographers from Qld. It would be my first ever flickr meet-up but what a morning it was. Whilst the sunrise was rather flat thanks to a thick band of cloud on the horizon, the conversations over a nice cappuccino were enthralling.

Canon 40D @10mm, f4, ISO1600, 40sec exposure

It was my first visit to Currumbin and I was amazed by the size of the flat rock point with the iconic Currumbin Rock sitting so predominant. I had a good 30 minutes until sunrise and after the previous weeks star trail I wanted to try my camera out at ISO 1600. Whilst I was worried the noise would be devastating to the final image I was pleasantly surprised by the result. You can just make out some of my fellow photographers and a few brave fishermen.

The meet-up was organised by Samual via the Australian Photographers Flickr Group. The idea was to rock up around 5am to shoot the early morning and see what we could capture of the sunrise. Whilst I’m not so happy with the images I came away with I certainly left with much more than I had arrived with in terms of knowledge. Meet-ups like this let you discuss gear and techniques with like minded photographers and also get the inside scoop on other locations. I even got talked into buying the Lee filter holder system. Thanks for that Maria.

And now looking at what the other guys captured its amazing how very different all of our images are. I recommend checking out the other guys flickr streams @ accesser, Beth Wode, itsgottabered, John Finnan, Kush, Lockie Cooke, lovephotos10, maSnap & Photography by Sue.

So get onto flickr and find your local group or if you can’t find one start one. Start by just heading out with a buddy and build it up from there. Its a great learning experience and when the sunrise is a shocker at least you can share the disappointment with a few others. :)

To finish up this week I want to share with you a time lapse taken on my iPhone from inside my car. I set it up before heading off into the darkness to shoot. I don’t think I could have positioned it much better with the loads of surfers warming up and checking the breaks as if I had placed them according to the rule of thirds. Pity about the bird poo on the screen. Ahh well it was a learning experience so expect more time lapse footage soon.

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