Add Character to your Landscapes

This weeks photo was the last thing I expected to capture when arriving on location at Beachmere on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

My intention was to shoot a small concrete jetty I had heard about in the area. Without the exact details on its location I had to park the car and walk along the waters edge to start exploring. After about 400m I noticed the sun was rising and I didn’t have an interesting foreground object, nor was I close to finding the the jetty I was in search of. I noticed these 2 seats on poles and my first reaction was what the hell! That’s going to totally screw up my shot. My shot being the fruit of a Pandanus Palm shot up close, with the rising sun on the horizon. It wasn’t looking all that spectacular when it hit me. Those darn seats on poles were my shot.

These seats are so bizarrely positioned and seem out of place that they make the viewer question them. I really liked the texture in the sand and the way the early morning sunlight’s angle provided some great contrast.

Something I have only just started doing is capturing behind the scenes (BTS) stills of the weeks image. It’s a way for me to give you guys a sneak peak of how I captured the weeks image. You can get the sneak peaks and extra tips on the Facebook page and my Twitter feed.