Strobist Boot Camp – XXXX Beer Video Tutorial run by David Hobby is one of my favourite websites. Every few years David runs a  project called Strobist Boot Camp to basically get strobist photographers out into their community and push their lighting limits. For assignment 2 in this years Boot Camp David, wanted us to go out and photograph a local object or something of significance in our community.

After the year of disasters Queensland has had this year, with the massive floods and cyclones, I wanted to shoot something that stood for the great work done by Queenslanders to clean up and move forward.

XXXX Gold is brewed about 10km from where I live. It is the most iconic beer of Qld here in Australia. They put some great advertisements out congratulating Queenslanders on their great fighting spirit after the disasters. What’s more Australian than a good Aussie Beer?

And as usual here is my set up image. The white paper behind the bottles made a massive difference to the colour of the bottles. Such a simple addition but so key to the final image.

I have also put together a short behind the scenes (BTS) video of the shoot explaining my lighting and set up. You can expect many more of this in the next few months as product photography is really appealing to me. So keep your eyes out and feel free to submit ideas of things you would like to learn how to light and shoot.

YouTube Preview Image