5 Minute Challenge + Baby News

You don’t always have to drive for hours to capture an interesting photo. Sometimes a great shot is on your doorstep. Most of the photos from this year have required at least a 20 minute drive, with many a good hours drive away from home. This weeks image however was taken within 5 minutes walk of my house.

Week 28

Canon 40D @22mm, f11, ISO800, 3 image exposure fusion stack.

For years now each time I drive down a particular street near our house I think about capturing an image of a suburban view of Brisbane City’s high-rises. The elevated view and symmetry with the road and trees really appeals to me. I really like the bike symbols half way down the road.

I setup the camera to take a bracket of images 2 stops apart. Later I fused these together in Photomatix. My ISO was set to 800 as it was getting rather dark and I wanted to reduce the length of the longest exposure to avoid being run over while standing in the middle of the road. I took a few test shots from the side of the road and once I was happy with the results I ran out to the centre of the road and took my 3 exposures of +2, 0 and -2.


Why not this week challenge yourself to head out with your camera and tripod on foot and see what landscapes you can snap within 5 minutes of your place. It would be great if you uploaded your results to the Facebook fanpage.


Ethan James Bourke - September 7th, 2011

In other news I have to apologise for the lack of blog posts for the Landscape 52 Project of late. I’m happy to announce the earlier than expected birth of our son Ethan. He was born 6 weeks early weighing in at just 5.2lbs or 2.4kg but otherwise a very health newborn. He had to spend 2 weeks in the Special Care Nursery because of the early arrival, but we have had him home for 5 weeks now so things have been a little hectic of late. I have a back log of images to process and blog about and you can expect 3 blog posts a week until I catch up.