Always have a camera with you

Ever been somewhere and thought “Gee that would make a great photo. Pity I don’t have my camera with me”, and then dismissed the opportunity. In today’s world this is something we shouldn’t need to say…

Week 29 - Woologoolga Ship Wreck (DSLR)

Canon 40D @14mm, f16, 1sec with a Tiffen 0.6 soft grad plate filter.

Whilst this weeks official image was taken on my DSLR it was the 2 photos I had taken 1 hour before on my iPhone that prompted this post.

Anna and I were talking a nice relaxing walk on Woolgoolga’s main beach when we arrived at the resting place of the 118 year old Canadian timber barquentine wreck “Buster”. After large tides or storms the shipwreck becomes somewhat exposed. I had not seen it like this for many years. At the time I was disappointed to not have my DSLR camera with me considering I was contemplating bringing it along for the walk but decided against it at the last minute so as to just relax. Then it hit me I had a perfectly good camera in my pocket, the iPhone 4. Yes its only a 5mp camera and I know its not going to be able to print at A3 size, but it still documents the moment, which is what photography is all about anyway. After playing with a few compositions I decided to return with my DSLR once we had finished our walk.

What a difference 2 hours can make. Yes I had arrived for the sunset but the storm clouds had also arrived. Using the Tiffen 0.6 Soft Grad filter plate I was able to darken the clouds at the top of the frame and make sure I had details in the foreground. I really wanted to capture the length of the ship and the amazing green algae growth of the wreck. Whilst I’m happy with the eventual image there is just something about the iPhone images below that I really like.

Week 29 - Woopi wreck (iPhone)Week 29 - Woopi wreck (iPhone)

I used the stock standard camera app in the iPhone and then made the edits using Instagram one of the most popular camera Apps on the market. I’m totally digging the Early Bird filter and the ability to add a software tilt shirt to the image. So I guess the real lesson for this week is…  that even if all you have with you is a camera phone, the moment is still worth capturing.