Returning to locations

In this post I want to quickly touch on the subject or returning to locations you have shot in the past and once again capture them. Its amazing how you can shoot the same location but look at the subject from a slightly different  perspective.

Tennis Center Revisited

Canon 40D @ 10mm, f8, 0.5sec, ISO 200

The Queensland Tennis Center is only a 5 minute walk from my house and the Pat Rafter Arena  is such an interesting subject which is usually subject to some great sunsets. On returning to the location I wanted to capture more of the outer courts and compose the image so that more of the abstract art piece was visible.

I had learnt from my previous shot at this location that I would need to arrive a little earlier as with the sun setting behind the tennis centre I would have to shoot before the sun sets as to have enough light on the outer courts and gardens.

Day 8 - Pat Rafter Arena - HDR

Canon 40D @ 16mm, f11, 1/30sec, ISO 400

Whilst the 2 shots are from basically the same position it is amazing what a little more height and light has done to transform the location. I will certainly be returning again and again.

On a final note I would like to apologies for the lack of images and blog posts over the past few months. Things have been a little crazy with a baby in the house and a possible house move on the radar. I promise the keep the posts coming and thank you all for continuing to drop by.