Astro Time Lapse

Last week my family took a much deserved holiday to the Mid North Coast of NSW. And we managed to fit in 4 days camping at Hat Head.  We had camped in the area 2+ years ago and I was keen to try out a few locations for some time lapse photography that I have been interested in experimenting with for some time.

Hat Head, NSW - Star Trail

The 2nd night away camping I was presented with and amazingly clear nights sky with the moon currently in its new moon phase meaning perfect black skies. Hat Head itself is fairly remote so the light pollution was very low.
The wind was blowing so strong I decided against trying to use some of the interesting Banksia trees in my shot as they would be moving around too much during the exposures. I came across this nice looking lone rock that had a few spots of colour to it. I though great. Turns out it had a memoriam plaque for a person who had died in the area. I had a read of it with my head torch and it gave me a bit of a chill and made me hyper aware of every little noise for the next 2 hours. The dam plaque was dedicated to a guys who’s nickname was “Killer”.
This is the very short time lapse of the shot and also includes the details on the setup

Yes there is a fair bit of noise in the final image and the video. the Canon 40D isn’t great with ISO’s above 800 and this time I pushed it to H3200. It was my only choice with the f3.5 Wide Angle lens. I wanted to capture as much of the Milky Way colours as I could and at ISO 800 it wouldn’t have been possible.

It is my first time using LRTimeLapse which is an amazing software package to help put it all together with Lightroom 4. I have a few other time lapse shows from the camping trip and will be putting together a shot 2-3 minute video with all of these in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.

In other news many months ago I backed a Kickstarter project for some great little time lapse devices. I hope to this year give you guys tips and tricks on how to use the Radians and related software packages. Check out the video bellow on what the Radian are. Still yet to get my hands on them but they are in the final stages of production.

YouTube Preview Image