Author: Mike Jackie

a camera on the grass

The Photography Show 2024 Awaits

Mark your calendars, photography lovers! The much-anticipated Photography Show 2024 is rolling into Birmingham, UK,…

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a female doctor smiling while hoding a camera

Medical Photography: Through the Lens of Healing

Medical photography, often referred to as clinical photography, plays a vital role in the healthcare…

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10 Elements of Photography

Elements of photography guide composition, lighting, and capturing the essence of a scene. The world…

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the best professional photography in 2024

Top Cameras for Professional Photography in 2024

[caption id="attachment_284" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Top Cameras for Professional Photography in 2024[/caption] Professional photography requires both…

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cameras on the table showing the best cameras for photography

The Best Cameras for Photography in 2024

The world of photography is brimming with possibilities, capturing fleeting moments and translating them into…

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a person holding a camera

A Guide to Starting a Successful Photography Business

A Successful photography business requires dedication, creativity, and strong marketing strategies. It also requires exceptional…

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Photography Genres: A Comprehensive Guide

Photography genres encompass a wide range of styles, techniques, and subjects. Additionally, they offer photographers…

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photography equipment

Photography Equipment: Essential Gear to Capture Perfect Shots

Photography, as an art form and profession, has evolved significantly with the advancement of technology.…

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a lady sitting wearing a yellow top using a laptop

Photography Editing Tips

Photography editing tips include adjusting exposure, enhancing colours, sharpening details, and removing imperfections for stunning…

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a camera, an apple, a book, a pen and a black board on the wall

Photography Tips for Beginners in 2024

Photography, with its ability to freeze moments in time, has become more accessible than ever,…

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